Honda Civic Type R FN2 Euro

Brand: Otto-Mobile
Material: Resin
Type: Sealed
Model: Honda Civic Type-R FN2
Limited Edition: 2000 units
Release RRP: €59.99

Straight out of the box..

Probably my least favourite Honda Civic Type R is the FN2, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like it’s just not as nice as the other TypeR’s out there! Of course, it’s an Otto-Mobile model so it’s resin and at the lower end of the market in terms of cost, but this particular model is going to surprise you if you’re like me and do not favour the FN2 Civic. My model shown here straight out the box was overall a good experience, no flaws and shiny paint. A good start indeed.

In detail the exterior.

I really hope if you are here reading this article on the Civic Type R your a car enthusiast too, as I remember the Top Gear Review of when the FN2 hit the market, JC had commented on its space age look and how the door handles looked like rockets and the triangular exhaust tips amount other things, and to be honest this car did break the mould in terms of styling. I think it’s a model that will grow on me over time.

The pointy end of the car really is quite pointy, all coming in to meet the Honda badge, whilst there isn’t a lot going on on the front, it does lack real mesh but I’ve said it before, it’s a budget model at less than £60 if you get it direct from Otto-mobile, sure resellers push the price to £100 mark, but it’s RRP is about £60. Otto-Mobile have done a nice job on the lights , crisp and less lights always help the model’s aesthetics. The front is sparse but that’s just like it’s real size counterpart.

The side profile of the model is still faithfully reproduced from the real car, a subtle body kit extension, colour coded to the paintwork, and true to a good handling car the wheels are close to the bumpers a to help with cornering and weight distribution. The rocket style door handles are finished in silver and the fuel cap is finished in the same colour. Rear tinted quarter windows accent the Milano Red paintwork and the small rear spoiler sits nealty over the hatchback window.

There is a fair bit going on round the back of the Type R, the rear spoiler looks more imposing that from the side, I guess due to the angular look of the Civic drawing the back in as it does with the front, The light clusters are in my opinion exceptional for the price point of the model and my example has good positioning for the decals, below the lights is the Type-R number plate describing it as the Euro version.

The lower portion of the rear bumper has lots of angles and details to take in with an inverted looking diffuser type affair with the twin exit triangular exhausts. Two reflectors sit within the diffuser and as I sit here writing this article I am starting to appreciate what Honda set out to achieve with this version of the Type R.

The wheels, thank god for small mercies, they are silver and not white, I’ll let you know in the summary why I’m so happy about that! The wheels are neatly done and look like any other Type R style wheel, discs and calipers sit quietly behind wheel, and something I don’t always mention is the tyres are rubber because we take that for granted that they will be.

In detail the interior space.

Otto-Mobile generally do a good job on the interiors of their models, even though its sealed and access is limited, the FN2 is no exception. The interior is red and black as you’d expect, red bucket seats with the Type R logo, door cards have red accents and the model has red carpets (a nightmare to keep clean – I once owned a Metro Turbo with red carpets so I know).

The Dashboard actually is very good, better than some of my recent ignition Models! Excellent printing on the dash buttons, it even has the Type R plaque just above the gear stick, the cluster shows the digital nature of the Type R’s speedo and tachometer. This is a good solid attempt by Otto-Mobile and gets a thumbs up from me👍


This type R is a good effort by Otto-Mobile and you won’t be disappointed if you like Honda’s or this specific car. Thank the stars 🌟 that it’s red and not white… I get it, a white Type R is iconic but most of the Civic Type R versions that otto have done have been white! EK9 & EP3 most recently but also the FD and the NSX-R too, my Honda shelf looks very white and I like to mix my colours up, so all that championship white is messing with my mojo!

In essence, even though its my least favourite Civic, it still is a cracking model from Otto-mobile, with its groundbreaking and brave style it does start to grow on me and I’m glad it joins the ranks of my JDM collection.


  • Milano Red makes a welcome change
  • Right Hand Drive Euro version
  • Nicely detailed interior
  • Good value as always
  • A really good model


  • Not the most popular civic?
  • Otto can suffer from misaligned decals & number plates, if your buying from eBay (or retailer) ask the seller.

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