1:18 Toyota Supra Ridox Street Version (JZA80)

Brand: Ignition Models
Material: Resin
Type: Sealed
Model: Toyota Supra Ridox Street Ver. JZA80
Limited Edition: Around 120 in this specification
Release RRP: £269

Straight out of the box..

The JZA80 Toyota Supra, is without a doubt an Iconic JDM legend from the 1990’s, this version by Ignition Models in 1:18 Scale is the Ridox body-kitted version, which is a derivative of Max Orido’s (Hot Version) Supra with a few subtle differences. Maybe more on that car when I finally get one for my collection. As you’d expect from Ignition Models the quality is of a high standard. So lets jump into it and take a better look at this model.

In detail the exterior.

Staright away the paintwork on the Supra is super glossy and smooth, the finish as to be expected has no orange peel and is highly reflective. It sports a matt black vented bonnet which shows some of the detail in the engine under the hood. The whole Ridox bodykit and pitch black paint work sets the Supra of as one mean looking street car.

The front end of the Supra is without a doubt one of the most recognisable JDM faces out there, with its large 3 lens headlamp clusters, big front bumper with those wide open vents to suck in copious amounts of air into the front mounted intercooler. This version just amplifies that aggressive look and the Ridox kit takes it to the next level. The lower splitter and canards with the rivet details are just the finishing touches.

The front wings are flared and have the accompanying lower side cowlings sitting just in front of the doors. The wide vented side skirts add the the overall wide stance that the Toyota Supra already had, the super smooth design of the supra makes the doors blend in and when connected to the over fender kit on the rear just looks fantastic. The Supra sports racing style wing mirrors, in my youth referred to as M3 style mirrors as the BMW M3 has them fitted and started a craze back in the late 90’s.

One big difference when comparing the Ignition Model brand to others like Otto-mobile, GT spirit and others is that the window glass is done better, I find that the other makes windows bow inwards or are concave, which can make the models look a bit odd. However the Ignition Models have much flatter and more accurate windows, maybe down to the material and some secret process!

The rear end of the Supra is again a look that can only be the supra, with it’s 4 individual light lenses within a clear long cluster its definitely another iconic Supra look, and these lights are the best I’ve seen on a model 1:18 supra, period! between the rear lights in the Toyota badging in the form a decal, above that is another 3rd brake light with clear lenses. The thing we can’t miss is that huge wing, its a beast of a spoiler , but keeps well with the rest of the cars body kit.

The rear bumper is smooth with no distractions and houses a nice titanium Jap-can style exhaust. looking in the rear window there is some nice details, window heater elements, the stereo amplifier and speakers and the rear boot cover. The model is fitted with a roll cage also visible through the rear screen.

The wheels as with most Ignition models are a masterpiece of micro-detail, BBS multi-spoke split rims, with rubber tyres and realistic tread patterns, even the tyre valve is on the rim. behind the wheel sits the gold Brembo callipers with red writing accompanied with slotted disc rotors to stop all that power!

In detail the interior space.

Sealed models are always tricky to capture the detail, but this one has a very nice interior, a full roll cage, a nicely detailed instrument cluster. The aftermarket 3 spoke Orido steering looks amazing and rather retro! Bucket seats finish the interior off nicely , sparse by modern standards buts that’s what 90’s JDM cars were like!


I Love the Mk4 Supra, and so does everyone else, something that echoes when trying to source Mitsubishi Evo models is how hard it can be to get the model you want. I have a passion for Ignition models, the quality, the subtle changes in spec like wheels and trim colours, a lot goes into making them different. That said, unless you can grab them from Ignition Models directly and you don’t live in Japan you will have to pay the price, normally £300 plus which you can get hand full of diecast for that much cash. This model is exceptional and I paid over the odds for it but in my opinion its a worthy addition as a JDM collector. It is just stunning.


  • Smooth paint finsih
  • Right Hand Drive (true JDM)
  • Excellent wheels & Brake details
  • High Quality and Detailed


  • bit pricey outside of Japansupr
  • Supra’s are sought after models so be patient and have your wallet on stand by!

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