1:18 Mazda RX7 FD3 FEED

Brand: Ignition Models
Material: Resin
Type: Sealed
Model: Mazda RX7 FEED Fujita Engineering
Limited Edition: no
Release RRP: £269

Straight out of the box..

If like me you’re a long time JDM fan you may have watched a Japanese YouTube channel called ‘Best Motoring’, sounds like a dull car mag right, well no it isn’t. Basically they test and race cars on track, sometimes everyday cars, sometimes very special cars. There is also a section called Hot Version, it this you’ll see a lot of racing and time trial, including Touge… This Mazda (a variant of it) features in this series, I’m not going to go into too much detail but if you don’t mind Japanese speech (it’s the cars we watch anyhow)


In detail the exterior.

So this is the Yellow version of the FEED RX7, they do other colours and wheel combos, I did want the grey version that they use in the series but as far as Ignition Models in the UK, you have to take what is available as its slim pickings my friend. So as you may or may not know, yellow is considered a lucky colour in Japan, so even though I did want the FEED grey version I’m quite happy to have one in yellow. The paintwork on the Ignition Model pops and the finish as to be expected is smooth and highly reflective.

1/18 scale Mazda RX-7 by Ignition Models, Feed Fujita Engineering Resin Model - Front View

I’ve had a Kyosho RX7 for many years and always wanted a later version that has those bigger light clusters in the front bumper and in this model they are well done, crisp and clear. Above the driving lights / indicators are the pop-up lights, in a down position but one has a tiny vent in it. The front mounted intercooler is set deep in the front bumper which is loaded up with carbon effect canards and lower splitter. The bonnet sports the sponsorship decals along with which I think is a photoetched bonnet pin set.

The front wings (fenders) of the FEED RX7 are set up for speed, with a nice tuck for the front wheel and a cut-out style lower wing for air flow, the wing has some very small decals, and on mine they are misaligned, not a huge deal for me but buyer beware if that would bother you! The wider aero then works its way along the car with another carbon side sill on the bottom edge. If you look closely enough, you’ll notice the carbon door handle surround with the FEED logo, a nice touch which I missed until I did the video for this model!

1/18 scale Mazda RX-7 by Ignition Models, Feed Fujita Engineering Resin Model - Front View

The wide, riveted on aero kit adorns the rear quarter panel (in my day we used to have to fill these and paint it so it was smooth!), filler cap detail with a nice 30th anniversary decal for Fujita Engineering finish of the back quarter nicely

1/18 scale Mazda RX-7 by Ignition Models, Feed Fujita Engineering Resin Model - side top down View

The rear end of the Mazda RX7 sports the ever popular Big Wing! as seems to be the rule at the moment and the car probably needs all the extra downforce that it provides. The lights on this RX7 model depict the 3 round lenses, which differ from the AutoArt Tuned RX7 which has square lights behind the smoked lens, my preference is the round ones on this model. Boot lock and Fujita Badge and FEED sprits decals are the only ones on the rear. Finishing of the rounded rump of the Mazda is two fog / reflectors and that tasty Jap can exhaust.

1/18 scale Mazda RX-7 by Ignition Models, Feed Fujita Engineering Resin Model - Wheel Setup

The wheels as with most Ignition models are a masterpiece of micro-detail, bronzed multi-spoke alloys with wheel nut detail, the worn look on the grooved discs with the red painted hub and silver accents, followed with a red calliper with the Mazda logo on them, is so exquisitely done. Not forgetting the rubber tyres and snug fitment!

In detail the interior space.

Sealed models and interior shots are the constant pain in my ass! The interior of this Mazda RX7 is good, well above average, the details are there like dials, belts, 3 spoke steering wheel etc. but the likes of AutoArt’s RX7’s (tuned and Spirt R) are on a level that looks almost like you could sit in it, see my Honda NSX post for the interior, you’ll not be disappointed. I wonder then it is because we don’t have full access the manufacturer feels that it doesn’t have to be great, just good enough?

1/18 scale Mazda RX-7 by Ignition Models, Feed Fujita Engineering Resin Model - Interior

Video (new feature!)

Finally, I’ve committed to making short videos for the models, I think it’s a nice addition to the page, we will see how it goes – it’s a lot of extra work. If you like the video idea let me know by liking the YouTube video and subscribing, even drop a comment to let me know your thoughts!

Video Review of the 1:18 Scale Mazda RX-7 Feed version, in Yellow by Ignition Models


With a cost of living crisis looming and the collapse of the pound in late 2022, I’ve already seen these models from Ignition dangerously close to £300, that’s £30-£40 more than a Composite AutoArt model with opening features, which after owning one I think is an amazing model, but it is less likely the cost of the Ignition model from source around £170 (ish) in Japan and more like the cost of importing them and an increased seller profit due to scarcity bumping them up to the £300 mark, at this point I would certainly think twice or hold back on purchase at this price point.


  • Smooth paint finsih
  • Right Hand Drive (true JDM)
  • Great Stance
  • Excellent wheels & Brake details
  • High Quality and Detailed


  • bit pricey outside of Japan
  • you may encounter missing decals (very rare)

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